You have excess inventory, let us turn it into cash. 

When dealing with Auction Companies, the old adage is most certainly true..."You get what you pay for"  

With the popularity of Auction based TV shows it seems everyone has an Auction today and although many copy large portions of our website and use similar software, they can't duplicate our results. Our consignors expect results and deal with 403 Auction because they know we deliver. Our consignors know that we may not have the lowest commission rate but that doesn't mean we will not provide them with the greatest return.  For example if a competitor offers to sell items at 10% commission and we were to charge 25%, it would seem that they have a better offer. However if we sell the items for $1000 and they sell them for $500 what would you rather have? 75% of $1000 or 90% of $500.  The answer is simple and that's why the majority of our consignors deal exclusively with us and have for more than 10 years. 

Successful Auctions ultimately come down to professionalism, marketing and potential buyer reach. That reach comes from time in the business, number of sales conducted, marketing dollars spent, and range of products sold.  Before choosing who to sell your items with here are some very important questions to ask any potential company;

  1. How long have they been in business under their current name, at their current location?
  2. How many auctions do they conduct per year?
  3. How many people attend their live Auctions?
  4. How many people register and bid on their online Auctions (for one single sale) ?
  5. What is the biggest online sale they have done in both number of lots and dollars?
  6. What kind of merchandise makes up the bulk of their auctions?
  7. How may people do they employ?
  8. Are they Insured and to what levels?
  9. Are they properly versed in privacy laws and restricted items to protect your best interests?
  10. Do ALL of their staff have fidelity bonds and Police back ground checks?
  11. Do they have a permanent location with a regular sale schedule?
  12. What did they spend on marketing last year...Actual dollars?
  13. How many actual customers do they have in their database (actual people who have bought from them)?
  14. How large is their email database (legitimate opt in emails, not useless lists they purchased)?
  15. Check out their website and social media for upcoming sales and overall activity

These are a few things to look at when choosing a prospective Auctioneer. You will be surprised at how unqualified many Auctions are at selling your items.  

Auctions at Our Facility 

With our 20,000 SQ FT Facility located in Mississauga within 50KM of 5 Million People we provide full in house Online and Live Auction services

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On Location Auctions

This is the best option for business closeouts, downsizing, bankruptcy and creditor sales. We bring the auction to you and you save large by not having to pack or move the items

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